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New Patient Center - What to Expect in Our Office

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Consultation/Exam/Report of Findings/Recommended Care Plan


From your first call to our office, we strive to provide you with an exceptional path towards better health and wellness.  

Our initial consultation with you will help Dr. Ghessi determine the correct path of care that will help your body recover most effectively.  He will review your health history, your health goals, and provide a picture of the treatment process in our office.  From the consultation, you should have a good idea of what to expect, and how you will get there.

Our Intake Process For New Patients

We have a 2 visit intake process for all New Patients.  Within these 2 Wellness Evaluation Visits Dr. Ghessi will be evaluating your spine, your health,  and your body's overall condition, as well as it's capacity to heal. 


We do not take 1 time visits, because we know that in order to make the corrections that the body needs, it is important to fully evaluate and provide more than a "quick fix".  Our care process is done over time, because true and lasting results don't come without doing the correct things in the correct way.  Patients at Ghessi Chiropractic and Wellness get this idea!  We want your body to not only feel better, but to function better, so you can heal what is causing your problems at the core, and ensure a healthier future ahead.. 


Continue reading to understand our 2 visit intake process.


The First Visit



Next you will have a consultation with Dr. Ghessi to discuss your health-related problems, concerns, as well as potential treatment options. Your first visit is designed for Dr. Ghessi to learn more about you, your condition and your expectations to determine whether care in our office is appropriate for you.

Health and Wellness Evaluation

Dr. Ghessi will review your health history, ask about your health goals,  asses what you are currently doing, and evaluate your ability to heal and recover from your problem.   He will also do any required physical exam to evaluate your spine and body's condition as well.  If any tests are required before the second Practice Member Evaluation visit, he will order them at this time.

Preparation for 2nd Visit

Dr. Ghessi will evaluate your case between the first visit and the second visit, and review any test findings, to put together the best treatment plan.  He will review the treatment plan with the patient at the second visit.



On your 2nd Visit


Practice Member Evaluation and Recommendation of Care 

This will consist of a review of the information collected from your first visit and any tests that were performed.  Once all the information and examinations have been performed,  Dr. Ghessi will give you a Report of Findings and Recommendation of Care to answer the most popular questions:

  • Can you help me?

  • What do you recommend that I do to get better?

  • How long will my program be?

  • How much is it going to cost?

Start of Your Program - If after reviewing these items all parties agree to the care plan, you will have the opportunity to start your Program of Care at this time.


It is important to stick to the care plan program, make all your visits, and complete the out-of office recommendations that you are given.  If followed, you will maximize the value of your program and get the maximum benefit going forward.


Making the right choice for your body and your health is key to your recovery, and ensuring the problem is addressed at the root level is our goal.  We know that if your choose to make your health a priority, and commit to the program Dr. Ghessi recommends, your future self will thank you. 


Don't hesitate to take action, contact us to get started!

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