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Patient Testimonials

Ghessi Chiropractic Fleetwood Testimonial

“I started seeing Dr. Ghessi back in March of this year for chronic headaches with minor migraines. My job is physical, and with volunteering at my local fire company, I’m always on my feet. I’ve had this chronic pain for roughly 5 years. Since seeing Dr.Ghessi, I no longer suffer with headaches or migraines. My neck and back have never felt this great in a very long time. I’m so grateful for having Dr. Ghessi as my chiropractor, and finally helping me be pain and headache free. “

Ghessi Chiropractic Fleetwood Testimonial

"I have a chronic nerve condition causing severe pain through my neck, head, and scalp. I was diagnosed 4 months ago and have seen minimal improvement from nerve blocks and medications from my neurologist. The pain can be so severe that even brushing my hair feels like I'm being burned by a hot iron.

I was initially skeptical that seeing a chiropractor would make much of a difference. Nerve blocks provided only temporary relief and none of the numerous medications I tried had provided any relief.

2 weeks of adjustments and I am already noticing a difference. Before, I was taking 800 mg ibuprofen 3 times daily every day and still in significant pain. Now, I have days when I don't need any pain meds at all!

Dr. Ghessi and Alayna are both always so nice and helpful and really care!"


"I have been having back and neck issues for years. After a couple visits with Dr. Ghessi, my posture is better and my neck and back pain went away. Highly recommend!"

-Brian, age 36


"Great practice with friendly staff. Dr. Brian works with me to keep me active in my powerlifting activities and pain free at work ! He listens and adjusts according to my concerns. Really appreciative!"

-Chelsea, age 28


"I was raised by a doctor and a nurse. After experiencing reoccurring back and neck pain it took a recommendation from my father, the doctor, to go see a chiropractor. I'd always been fearful of chiropractors but Dr. Ghessi is the absolute best. It used to take weeks upon weeks of physical therapy, steroids, lidocaine injections, graston technique, tens units, etc. to achieve what Dr. Ghessi can do in a single visit. On top of that they'd prescribe strong pain medicine, which are only meant to temporarily alleviate the pain, not fix the problem. I can tell you now which method is not only more costly but infinitely more dangerous to people.


Not all chiropractors are created the same. If you are looking for someone who sees you when you need it, doesn't try to sell you, but rather help you, this is the place for you. Please don't put your self care on the back burner until it gets worse. Dr. Ghessi is gentle, kind and extremely educated in his work. He cares about his patients and has a heart of gold. His presence is calming so to anyone with a similar fear that I once had, rest assured, he will take excellent care of you."

-Akiko, age 36



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