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Specially Treated Chiropractic Conditions 
Special Spinal Conditions
Disc Injuries, Disc Herniations, Degenerative Joint Disease, Sciatica, Radiating Pain, Post Spinal Surgery, and Spinal Pain
Chiropractic care for more complicated spinal conditions requires a full evaluation of the injury and then a proper care plan to address the condition.  Dr. Ghessi can safely and appropriately treat these complicated conditions.
Sports Injuries and Athletic Performance
Athletes under regular chiropractic care experience fewer injuries, recover more quickly, see a performance boost, engage in more effective training, and perform at a higher level.  With almost every major league, and collegiate levels sports teams using chiropractic treatments to reduce injuries and boost athletic performance, the results speak for themselves.  Dr. Ghessi is trained in the treatment of athletes and sports injuries, and being an athlete himself understands the rigors and process required to address athletic issues.
Senior Chiropractic Care
Research has shown that seniors who utilize chiropractic care are healthier than those who do not.  In a study of seniors who use chiropractic vs. those that do not the following results were found: Better overall health, fewer days in the hospital and nursing homes, fewer prescription drugs, more likely to exercise vigorously, less likely to experience falls, and more active in their lives.  Care for senior patients is done with a specialized and more gentle approach to the spine, and has been shown in research to be safe and effective.
Pregnancy and Post Natal Care
Chiropractic care is very safe for women during pregnancy, and Dr. Ghessi is specially trained in caring for pregnancy concerns.
Chiropractic research has shown that women who utilize chiropractic care during and after pregnancy see the following benefits:
Pre-Pregnancy: Regular menstrual cycles, optimizes uterine function, prepares the body for healthy implantation
During Pregnancy: Proper Pelvic Alignment, Reduction in Preeclampsia, less back labor, reduced need for pain medications, less back pain, shorter labor times, comfort while breastfeeding, and greater production of breast milk.
Post Pregnancy:  less post-partum depression, less back pain after birth, and a faster overall recovery after birth
Children's Chiropractic Concerns
Chiropractic care is important for children as they are growing up because their nervous system, muscles and bones are developing at their highest rate.  By reducing out of alignment spinal segments that can result from things such as: a complicated birth, falls and accidents, colic, repeated infections, school stress, athletic injuries, posture from long term computer or cell phone use, and so many more issues children can live at their best and be healthier and happier.
Special Needs Individuals
Chiropractic care can be an effective approach to optimizing nervous system function in special needs individuals.  By reducing tension and stress on the spinal cord, and improving coordination of brain to body impulses, studies have shown positive effects in helping special needs individuals be their best.
Nutrition and Weight Loss
So important to maintaining a healthy body is the understanding of what we put into our bodies.  Proper diet and accurate supplementation are critical tools in energizing your body's recovery and healing.  Over 85% of the illnesses that people face today are lifestyle related, meaning that we are not doing the right things and eating the right things to keep us well.  Dr. Ghessi is trained in nutritional medicine and getting the right plan can make a huge difference in your life.
Headaches and Migraine Treatment
Many people suffer from chronic headaches and migraines on a regular basis and believe this is just a normal thing.  However, this is not a normal or healthy sign for your body.  This is a clear signal that your spine in the upper back and neck are holding far too much tension and pressure.  Through targeted treatment to correct these issues, a large portion of people see their headaches reduced or even disappear with proper chiropractic care.  Just imagine how freeing that would feel in your life.
Stress, Anxiety and Mental Wellbeing
Many patients do not understand that there is a lot that can be achieved when  reducing the effects of stress on your body.  By combining chiropractic care, and nutritional and lifestyle changes, many people see a drastic change in their mental wellbeing.  When the nervous system is freed from stored stress and tension with chiropractic adjustments, and the body is given the proper nutritional and lifestyle plans,  it is amazing just how much better and happier a person can feel.
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