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How To Find Relief From Shoulder Pain

Bottom Line:

Your shoulder is the most unstable and moveable joint in your body. Its wide range of motion occurs due to four primary muscles and their tendons, called the rotator cuff. If your shoulder becomes inflamed or an impingement happens, you may make the mistake of trying to avoid using your arm to help it heal. It may surprise you that not moving can contribute to more pain or even lead to a frozen shoulder. Controlled movement is one of the best ways to heal. By employing some very specific strategies the your shoulder pain can be a thing of the past.

Shoulder Pain Relief

The tendons are the most common source of shoulder pain. Your tendons attach the muscles of the shoulder to the bones. If a tendon becomes trapped, it can result in shoulder impingement. If a tendon becomes inflamed, you may hear it called tendinitis or bursitis. And if a tendon becomes torn, you guessed it; you have a rotator cuff tear.

Shoulder Bursitis: If the sac of fluid that cushions your shoulder becomes swollen and painful due to repetitive motions, you may have bursitis.

Shoulder Impingement: If your tendons get pinched between or under the bones of your shoulder, it can lead to impingement. Lifting overhead repetitively can cause impingement, resulting in swelling and pain.

Rotator Cuff Tear: Your rotator cuff can become damaged due to overuse, injury, or age. Tears usually cause pain when you try to lift things, and you may hear a popping sound as you move.

How To Find Relief From Shoulder Pain

Did you know that most Rotator Cuff Injuries and Shoulder Pain are completely preventable and treatable. Here at Ghessi Chiropractic and Wellness we offer specific care plans that address the entire shoulder( from the joint, to the tendons and ligaments, as well as the muscles) to give you the best chance of recovery.

Through specific adjustments, stretching and strengthening, and supplementation the shoulder joint can recover without shots, drugs and surgery. And will be stronger in the long run!!!

What's Next?

Feel free to give our office a call and we will schedule you for a complete evaluation of the shoulder issues. We specialize in providing people with a natural and drug-free option in shoulder rehabilitation. Call 484-793-2821 or schedule through our website.


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