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How often should I get adjustments?

This is one of the most often asked, and most critical of questions!

Let's start answering this question by looking at it from a slightly different angle. The most important thing is to examine what benefits chiropractic care offers, and then how that would positively impact your body and life. Chiropractic care offers some vital benefits to those that utilize it as part of their health care strategy that no pill or surgery can offer.

Here are a few of the critical benefits of chiropractic adjustments:

  • Chiropractic care is all natural, and works with your body to function at it's best

  • it frees up the movement in the spine, so tension and pressure are relieved from the spinal joint and discs

  • prevents pain and injury

  • increases recovery time from spinal injury and pain

  • reduces the likelihood of degeneration in the spine, discs, and muscles (Less arthritis, bulging discs, spinal pain)

  • Improves the performance of the nervous system

The reality is that all people can benefit from the above in their body.

So how often should you get adjustments?

The deciding factor really is what do you want from your body, health and life. Some people decide to get adjusted only when they are in a lot of pain, some when there's some mild pain starting, and some just come regularly to stay healthy and well.

Past and Current Spine Issues:

If you currently, or have spine and back problems that come and go, then probably you are long overdue for chiropractic care. Likely there is already degeneration, inflammation, and improper spinal bio-mechanics that will take their toll. For this case, a period of consistent chiropractic care would be appropriate.

Maintaining a Pain Free and Healthy Body:

If you are looking to prevent pain and injury, while improving your body's function and health, then a wellness maintenance program would be appropriate. Generally, people that are looking to stay healthy will get adjustments 1-2 times per month. This allows the spine and body the opportunity to unwind the tension, stress and damage that can develop in our daily lives. The truth is some prevention goes a long way! It is much more effective to handle problems when they are small. When they get big they become much more serious and harder to heal.

Bottom Line:

So the truth about what is right amount to get adjusted is based on your past and current health status, coupled with how you would like to feel going forward.

Remember: What you don't address now, is what becomes serious problems later. What you take care of now, means that you won't have to suffer from big problems later.

To get started feeling you best contact Ghessi Chiropractic in Fleetwood, Pa at 484-793-2821.


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