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What does Posture say about your health?

Posture is the alignment of your spine and body. It is a direct indicator of the quality of someone's health. There are many things that can be derived through examining a person's alignment. Read on to find out more.

Posture from an alignment perspective is divided into two basic areas: front and side.

The front postural components are composed of the:

  • Ear Hole height on each side

  • Shoulder height on each side

  • Hip Height on each side

  • Ankle height on each side

The side posture components are comprised of the:

  • comparing the ear hole to the shoulder

  • comparing the shoulder to the hip

  • comparing the hip to the knee

  • comparing the knee to the ankle.

The optimal alignment for the body is balance from left to right when facing forward and from top to bottom from the side. See the image below:

It's very obvious that being in proper alignment is key to a spine and body that is pain-free and functions correctly. One thing we know, the posture and alignment of you body is an outward reflection of the health inside the body. Meaning the worse the alignment, the worse the body's health.

What do you think the consequences are of allowing the spine to be out of alignment are?

Here are a few consequences:

  • more pain (both spine and body)

  • more arthritis and joint problems

  • tighter muscles and tendons

  • greater chance of bulging and herniated discs

  • Loss of flexibility

  • Loss of range of motion

  • More fatigue and less energy daily

At Ghessi Chiropractic in Fleetwood, PA we do complete evaluation of your alignment and posture. Through this evaluation, Dr. Ghessi can perform the correct adjustments and prescribe the correct exercises and stretches to make the necessary changes.

Self Exam:

Just take a look in the mirror. Is one shoulder higher than the other? Does your body lean to one side? Is your head tilted foward? Is your body tilted forward?

If so, then your spine is already out of alignment! You've already waited to long, and likely degeneration of the spine is already underway!

To find out more about how you can improve your posture and alignment in the Fleetwood and Berks County area feel free to contact our office at 484-793-2821.


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